lifestyle management. vip concierge.

5SRluxe offers an array of, personal and corporate, luxury concierge services. We utilize our vast network to service the various lifestyle needs of athletes, entertainers, tastemakers and corporate executives. With over 20 years of combined experience we take pride in providing exceptional and reliable service around-the-clock.

Our luxe Services include:

 •   Housing Accommodations

•       Short & Long Term Housing

•       Relocation Assistance

•   Auto Care & Vehicle Transports

•   Travel (to include group travel, individual and group bookings and trip management)

•        Luxe Lodging Accommodations

•        Ground Transportation

•        Commercial & Chartered Flights

•       Dining Recommendations & Reservations

•       Nightlife Concierge (to include reservations and group hosting)

•       Entertainment Reservations

•          Theatre

•          Sporting Events

•          Concert 

•   Special Events (to include planning and management)

•   Image Concierge

•           Salon & Spa Reservations

•           Personal Shopping

•           Dry Cleaning

•           Personal Styling

and more…  Contact us to discuss your needs!